A native Australian, Sabrina's knowledge of the real estate industry is unmatched. From the time she takes the listing, she stages the property, free of charge, as to appeal to a wide spectrum of buyers. She then markets her properties like no other agents. No wonder she sells them in record time. Her attention to detail and ways to market your home is like no other. She doesn't just take the listing, she knows how to market it.

Her knowledge of the purchase contract is so fine-tuned and critically broad. So when an offer comes in, she doesn't just present it to you, she goes to great lengths to make sure that the buyer is well-qualified and that the paperwork is in good order. She does all her homework before she even presents the offer to her seller. Her courteous nature and her "Customer comes first" approach sets her apart from other agents. Customer service is of the utmost importance. That's she is recommended to friends and family members alike. She is accredited with "Fine Homes Specialist" and is recognized by Prudential California Realty as a multiple award winner. She also received "Rookie of the year " from the Prudential Cosner Group,when she started her career in real estate many years ago.

Did I mention she has a funny Aussie accent too!

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