We have had the pleasure of working with Sabrina Allen for six months through the sale of our house.  In that time, we have found Sabrina to be very organized, sensitive to our needs, and, persistent in her quest to complete the sale.  Sabrina has proven to be very reliable in her completion of necessary steps and had been readily available to answer our questions or concerns.

Sabrina’s enthusiasm towards the sale is evident as she pushed to get an open house that first weekend.  She visited us prior to the open house and advised us as to what we needed to do to prepare the house for a good showing. Despite a tough market, we ended up having a few offers that first weekend. 

The process has been long and the paperwork constant.  Sabrina has made the process as easy as possible and has worked to make sure all deadlines are met.  Her persistence has been impressive and her caring nature appreciated.  She has demonstrated much strength and desire to achieve the sale, but, has also made sure to explain and accept our questions to make sure our situation and options are always clear.

Sabrina has impressed us with her desire to achieve our sale.  She has met challenges the bank has presented to her with poise and confidence.   Her knowledge and professionalism were the most impressive factors in our experience with Sabrina.  She will be a great asset to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property.

Marc and Kelly, Yorba Linda


We just moved into our home in Yorba Linda which was a probate and a short sale in one. Sabrina Allen was our agent in this trasaction and without her, I don't think we would have gotten the home. It takes a strong and determined agent, like Sabrina, to have guided us through this whole process. You see, she also went to court to have us heard and to challenge the probate court attorney who said that the court date was cancelled. In fact Sabrina phoned us and told us to be in court and call the Lawyers bluff. Low and Behold she was right. This is just one of the stumbling blocks, there were many, but Sabrina just kept us in the loop and finally and successfully closed. We could not reccomend Sabrina enough. If you are buying or selling do not sign up with any other agent without interviewing Sabrina first. She will always put you first before her own needs.

Rob, Yorba Linda


I had my house listed with the top agent in Corona that deals with high end homes. He did nothing as my home sat on the market and depreciated. When the listing with this agent expired, a client recommended Sabrina Allen. I phoned her at 4pm and told her to be in my house by 4.30. There she was on time. She gave me a presentation and I was blown away, as she did not have time to prepare. My home was listed with her for $1.750,000. She not only sold it in a timely manner, but she kept us updated and we closed escrow in 10 days. Amazing. Her service level is higher than a 10, but being an Aussie native, they can teach us a thing or two about service. I would highly reccomend Sabrina to list anyone's home and would think that it would be an injustice if you don't. Thanks Sabrina for a job well done!

Virginia, Corona

I was a first time home buyer, but the home I was buying was in the $1.3M. Sounds high for a first time home buyer. I knew nothing about the process. I used Sabrina through a referal. She walked me through the process and explained every option and also everything that was happening throughout the transaction. Everything went smoothly and she went beyond what a normal agent would do. I just felt bad that the sellers agent got paid, because in my opinion, Sabrina did it all. It has been 5 months since I moved into my home and Sabrina still keeps in touch with me to see if I need anything and that everything is okay. I did not have anyone to connect my washer/dryer, so Sabrina came over with her husband and together we had them connected. She is not an agent that goes away after the home is sold. I know that I can phone her with anything that I may need. More importantly, she ALWAYS answers her phone. I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone.

John, Yorba Linda

I met Sabrina when she door knocked on my house asking me if I needed to sell or buy a home. I kept her business card for several months. Other Agents have also knocked on my door since then. I decided that I would phone Sabrina, just to see what the value of my home was. As she was going through the comps, I broke down and cryed. You see, I just lost my wife and she was the wage earner and I was retired. Sabrina closed her paperwork and sat with me and listened. May I say, she cried with me. I told her that I wanted to list the house with her and I was surprised when she told me that I was in no frame of mind to make a decision right now. I thanked her for her understanding. Since then many agents where almost breaking down my door, so to speek, trying to get my home listed, knowing the circumstances. When I was ready, I phoned Sabrina and listed with her. This time I confessed that it would have to be a short sale. I was beeing harrassed by the lenders with phone calls and they even came to my door. I am an old man and have never been in this situation before. Sabrina told me that if anyone harrassed me to give them her phone number and she wopuld deal with them directly. She sold my house, saved me alot of heartach. I call her my Angel that my wife sent to me. God Bless you!

Addo, La Mirada

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